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Empowering P.O.C. professionals in the digital entertainment industry through training and education with our online platform

Our Mission

Promoting the Power of Diversity through Afrofuturistic Gaming
Join us in our mission to promote the power of diversity in the video game industry. By diversifying CG apprenticeships through professional video-game and digital media production, we are creating a future where everyone has a chance to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the world of gaming. Embrace the power of diversity and help us shape the future of gaming.

Tech-Artists of all kind are at the frontier of a new technological revolution. With the growing amount of self-taught online learning possibilities young aspiring cg artist of all backgrounds often find themselves completely lost. At Hyetus we will provide you with a pathway to creative and professional balance in your life as a CG Technological Artist. 
We value apprenticeship, applicability, creativity and passion which we aim to infuse into our training and 3D products in order to diversify the world of cg technology.


Our social learning platform is offering unique approaches to long distance learning. We are striving to connect, teach, jumpstart and mentor the right projects and people around the globe.
The goal of our our inhouse web app "Protégy" is to : Grow, flourish, prosper to innovate and inspire altruism in the cg industry through success as a team.


Our approachable mentors are setting the next generation up for success while creating real marketable 3D related products

First and only of its kind

Hyetus is an online tech-vault for computer graphics development knowledge
striving to improve economic viability for undeserved communities and their allies.

What makes us unique

Diverse Network

Targeting communities of color in the Bay Area and beyond. (USA, CANADA, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRIA,UK)

1:1 Mentorship

Constant direct mentorship you can count on

Digital Media Development

The first and only online tech-vault for creators from the pan-african diaspora


Video Game Development

UI/UX Design Development

Animation Graphics Development

Strong Network


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Vault your project in our lab 

Join with us

Accelerate the training of CG digital entertainment for Afro/Indigenous-Futurism through 3D
video-game production and professional industry networking
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